Integrated Production System Design

Objective: Hydraulic analysis and flow assurance of the production network

As a member of the multidisciplinary design team, RPS Knowledge Reservoir was responsible for the hydraulic analysis and flow assurance of the production network, which included five producers, two subsea tieback options to the process facilities, and the chemical injection system.

The core of the analysis included:

  • Assessment of overall subsurface and surface systems thermal/hydraulic performance throughout the life of the field, using an integrated production model (IPM) of the network.
  • Complex fluid modeling to capture non-Newtonian fluid behavior below the pour point and assess the benefits of pour point depressant (PPD) injection to overcome restart pressure requirements.
  • Assessment of chemical injection system requirements and optimization of chemical injection rates for wax, corrosion, and scale inhibitors throughout the life of the field.
  • Dynamic analysis of planned and unplanned shutdown operations and assessment of their impact on the system restart in terms of chemical injection requirements and production ramp-up procedures.
  • Assessment of cold start-up operation assuming no PPD injection was possible prior to shutdown (unplanned ESD). This entailed modeling of the production fluid starting at temperatures below the pour point (non-Newtonian behavior).
  • Dynamic analysis of blow down operations and impact on flare system design.
  • Analysis of slugging potential and impact on topsides liquid handling facilities.

The integrated system hydraulic modeling and flow assurance analysis results were used to define operating strategies and procedures and establish the design basis for subsequent detailed engineering and procurement of the system.

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