Oil and Gas Project Management Improvement Initiative Helps BP Share Knowledge among Asset Teams to Speed Development

Client: BP
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Objective: Develop an enterprise-wide system to share knowledge about non-conventional wells

BP was one of the early players in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, learning valuable lessons from developments such as Pompano, Ursa and Mars, particularly concerning exploration and appraisal drilling. BP’s management realized that the speed and success of future developments depended on effectively sharing those lessons learned with all of its asset teams.

Because of our technical expertise and knowledge management capabilities, RPS Knowledge Reservoir was approached to develop an intranet-based information resource focused on non-conventional well technology and lessons learned. Using our approach for knowledge management projects, our subject matter experts (SMEs) met with BP SMEs to gather and define the information. Then our SMEs working with our information and computer professionals—with continuing input from our BP clients—organized and developed a knowledge base.

Equipped with information on CD-ROM and on the BP technology intranet, BP asset teams in the Gulf of Mexico are now better prepared to make effective decisions incorporating the experience of their peers. BP teams in other deepwater regions around the world are also benefiting from this knowledge base.

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