Providing support to maximize value

Client: Atlas and Summit Oil & Gas
Location: Houston, TX
Objective: Oil and gas consultants provided data room hosting and technical support for sale of an offshore Nigerian shelf block

As part of the marketing process for an offshore Nigerian block, RPS Knowledge Reservoir was engaged to:

  • Evaluate existing subsurface data to establish reserves, production forecast and resource base.
  • Build a sophisticated economic model to evaluate returns under different operating and financial assumptions.
  • Host a client data room and data archives in the Houston area, including workstations and network infrastructure. Data archives included all available geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and production data for the block in question and surrounding areas. RPS Knowledge Reservoir was instrumental in organizing data prior to opening of the data room.
  • Provide geoscience and engineering support to the client in presenting the offshore package to prospective buyers.

RPS Knowledge Reservoir played an important role supporting the client in maximizing their value from a complex transaction.

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