What’s Your Oil Reserves Reality?

In any due diligence, the devil is in the details, and lots can be hidden behind the reams of numbers. Investors and operators alike need early insight and confidence in forecasted production and not just another binder full of figures.

RPS Introduces “Reality Check” Powered by BetaZi

  • TRUSTED: With a global staff of over 5,000, RPS has been advising the oil and gas industry for over 25 years. Our engineers return precise results and meaningful maps in under three weeks, so deal flows are not delayed.
  • DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION: BetaZi’s powerful new scientific algorithm is founded on big data and predictive analytics that give you an unfair advantage. Automated, calibrated and fully vetted – we’ve simplified and sped up the due diligence process without sacrificing quality results.
  • ENGINEERED RISK: This is the only model on the market that shows you the full probability range on the potential well production, not just one number.
  • ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE: Once you see the accurate broad strokes it will be easy for you, your capital partners, and underwriters to proceed with confidence.
  • WORTHWHILE RESULTS: RPS can provide expert analysis of the results and ensure that the proposed drill plan will boost production to the levels you need to achieve alpha ROI. RPS can also provide the complete due diligence package needed for deal closing, reserve reporting, and government regulations.
  • ANY DEAL SIZE: You can use this on 10 or 10,000 oil or gas wells you plan to buy or sell, a portfolio you wish to rebalance, or any time you need an accurate first look or check up on deals. There is no limit on the number of wells we can forecast on simultaneously and still achieve correct results.


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Reality Check