Link Knowledge Capital to Rapid Decision Making

In all areas of exploration and production (E&P) and information management, engineers are busy unraveling complexity and collecting and checking data, often wasting their valuable time. While there is a vital need to share information efficiently across projects and the enterprise, proprietary software has stood in the way of seamlessly connecting all information management systems together into one visual workflow that strategically filters data into the knowledge you need, right when you need it.

Knowledge you need, right when you need it.

RPS Knowledge Reservoir is forging an integrated alliance team of service providers and proven applications for real-time, events-based surveillance and situational awareness to support decision making in drilling and production operations. Built upon technologies and methods applied in the development and maintenance of NASA’s Mission Control systems, we are delivering a new paradigm to the oil and gas industry: integrated, commercial "off-the-shelf" technology for faster and more cost effective operations.

By integrating the multi-disciplinary aspects of E&P, our real-time systems (RTS) offering helps our clients maximize development of their oil and gas assets, contain operating expenditure, and support enhanced safety and best practices, while providing a heightened understanding of the current situation throughout all stages of well construction and production operations.

Leveraging Commercial Products & Standards

Data can be streamed to a physical or virtual real-time operations center (RTOCSM) and input to sophisticated, events-based surveillance algorithms designed to maximize situational awareness, produce actionable information, support and improve operator decision making, and harness knowledge. The RTOC solution integrates seamlessly with existing data streams, multiple data formats, and whatever software you currently use to store and process data by leveraging commercial standards.

In addition to real-time monitoring, historical data, alarms, and statistical tools are available to improve information management and the interpretation process. Because the data and interpretations are displayed in an online system, the same information at the same time is available for access by multiple users, across multiple projects, globally.

Linking knowledge capital to rapid decision making.

About Real-Time Systems

Deployment of RTS is rapidly gaining momentum in the upstream industry. Few companies, however, maintain the technology and expertise to link knowledge capital to rapid decision making. At RPS Knowledge Reservoir, we leverage our upstream oil and gas subject matter expertise with leading edge systems engineering processes in the design and implementation of situational awareness solutions. With our technical alliance partners, we are very excited to be leading this initiative in support of the industry’s evolving needs.

For years, the oilfield has defined real time as "up–to–the second data." As a result, reams of data were collected for decision–makers to use, but most of it didn’t get to the right people in a meaningful timeframe to optimize or even influence decision making. Today’s practical application of real-time targets getting the right information to the right people at the right time. This change in thinking involves people, processes, and technology all working together to decrease the cycle time between key decision points.

If access to real knowledge is accomplished, efficiency can be increased and decision makers can become more effective. RPS Knowledge Reservoir’s RTOC solution embraces all of these concepts. The RTOC is a physical or virtual environment in which E&P companies can begin to adopt new real-time approaches to their drilling, completions, and other operational workflows — from well planning through drilling unit deployment, well construction operations, post–operations analysis, transition to production, and throughout production operations.

Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC)

The RTOC enables many traditional oilfield roles to be performed from the safety of an office environment, thus eliminating or reducing aspects such as travel time and hotel stays. Additionally, key engineering and reservoir experts can be called on as needed, without having to potentially spend days, or even weeks on location, thereby increasing overall productivity. Real-time operations go a long way toward ensuring safety for the oilfield; the ability to remotely monitor operations avoids the need for experts or other non-essential people on location. This reduces the exposure risks associated with travel or rigsite presence for a number of personnel. The well is essentially under the discernible watch of several experts at critical points from a remote location, helping to ensure the delivery of a safe and efficient well.

A fully integrated operations facility represents the collection of knowledge and technology required to support operations from drilling and completion through to production. Many operators have assembled drilling and production teams to manage critical operations from remote centers. Using remote monitoring and remote-control technology, these teams work well from centralized facilities. From here, they have visibility of and contact with multiple remote drilling and production operations. Processes and work systems are designed to enable collaborative input while also managing the people issues, which can potentially defeat such an initiative. New technologies allow integrated reservoir study teams to assess vast amounts of information, including drilling performance, in order to decide “at the last minute” about the well path and completion architecture. Experience shows that an enhanced and defined decision-making process reduces nonproductive rigtime. Further benefits are provided by a streamlined combination of reservoir characterization and drilling and production operations.

RPS Knowledge Reservoir offers operators and service contractors the possibility of a fully integrated commercial, off-the-shelf, multipurpose operations center that can be implemented throughout the life cycle of well construction and production operations. The RTOC can be virtual or physical, either constructed for ownership or available as a Fractional RTOCSM, available for the life of the project.

RPS Knowledge Reservoir provides commercially available hardware and software components and their integration, test, and performance verification to support customer operational requirements. Additional services are provided to integrate the delivered systems into required communications networks for performance of pre-event system testing and operations.

RTOC features include:

  • An integrated tool and facility suite to facilitate informed worldwide decision making

  • Data acquisition from deployed assets using established commercially available systems and technologies

  • Integration of data streams from commercially available mud logging and LWD/MWD systems during the drilling phase

  • Integration of data streams from the broad array of other onboard sensing systems during all phases of rig, platform and asset activity

  • Implementation of established industry standards for data acquisition

  • Utilization of commercially available worldwide telecommunications technologies for integration with worldwide assets

  • Standardized suite of real-time support tools for the well construction phase and production phase lifecycle

  • Standardized suite of tools for analysis and operations

  • Toolset for workflow monitoring and modification

  • Standardized interfaces for streamlined integration at the rig


  • Reduction in operation costs by reducing nonproductive time and by improving operational efficiency

  • Provision of a platform for effective communication between the disciplines involved in well delivery (i.e. installation manager, drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, and subsurface team)

  • Operations team becomes more proactive than reactive, i.e. plan ahead

  • Meet the challenge of deep, complex wells and support high quality well construction

  • Use advances made in IT communications and the implementation of interactive visualization in real time

  • Enhanced HSE vigilance throughout all operational phases

Real-time centers are being used to increase the collaborative input to drilling, completion and intervention decision making. Done correctly, collaboration from an established operations center improves the decisions put in action at the well site. The RTOC is designed for drilling and completions operations to provide support for better decision making and planning.

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