Secure Your Assets to the Point of Sale

In subsea development projects, there is often a focus on individual systems components, which cause many projects to lose sight of the big picture. RPS Knowledge Reservoir provides the experts you need to solve unique challenges but employ a holistic approach, ensuring that your project is economically and technically viable.

We take a comprehensive look at:

  • Production chemistry issues
  • Multiphase flow
  • Thermal performance
  • System deliverability
  • System operability

Keep your priorities connected using the RPS Knowledge Reservoir approach.

Our Process

Using a combination of extensive field experience and the best software solution for each situation, we guarantee that the information we provide is relevant, timely, and correct.


  • PVTsim
  • OLGA
  • PipeSim
  • Pipeline Studio
  • Natasha


  • Experts in the application of simulation technologies for the solution of flow assurance problems
  • Engineers with expertise in shallow and deepwater operations and engineering production systems, from the conceptual phase to detailed design
  • Project managers with field experience in leading flow assurance teams and in interfacing multi-discipline projects
  • Consultants who routinely apply simulation software technologies to develop production solutions and improve existing infrastructure

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