An unconventional oil and gas roadmap and wiki for classifying, quantifying, and reporting resources.

Shale oil and other types of unconventional oil and gas have been growing in popularity among exploration and production (E&P) companies, but best practices for assessing these hard to deliver resources haven’t yet been established globally.

Add to this the growing number of inexperienced engineers and geoscientists entering the shale oil/unconventional reserves upstream industry, and there’s a shortage of confident decision making for any company interested in developing unconventional oil and gas.


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About CompassKB

CompassKB supports technical staff in defining a resource development strategy for unconventional oil and gas and enables them to make smart decisions faster. With a best-practice roadmap for qualifying shale oil and gas, coal bed methane, basement, and heavy oil resources, each step in an unconventional oil and gas resource assessment has been tied to a practical wiki written by our in-house subject matter experts.

The main activities include development of a:

  • static model,
  • dynamic model,
  • risk-weighted resource assessment or reservoir and deliverability model, and
  • financial evaluation.

Below each of these main activities are task items that must be completed before moving to the next step.


Each task in the roadmap is linked to a wiki page and comes fully written by subject-matter experts with every subscription. We also offer the ability to customize your wiki with company-specific knowledge on each wiki page, ensuring your proprietary processes are incorporated in day-to-day activities.

By using social technology that harnesses the knowledge of your workforce, you’re able to delve into the how-to of qualifying unconventional reserves and discover the instruction you need when you need it.

Cloud Hosting

As with ReservoirKB, our map-based knowledge base that holds data and knowledge concerning specific plays and regions, CompassKB is hosted in the cloud and is accessible from any internet-connected device, such as an iPad, smart phone, or computer. Simply log in to CompassKB and get started at any point in the workflow from anywhere in the world.

coal bed methane shale
basement heavy oil

CompassKB Modules

We are currently offering CompassKB coal bed methane (CBM) and CompassKB shale, with two other modules presently in development: CompassKB basement, CompassKB heavy oil, and others planned.


CompassKB can be easily accessorized with RPS Knowledge Reservoir’s other productivity KM tools. Get to where you’re going, any way you want.

CompassKB Modules

Add on as many modules as you need: shale, CBM, heavy oil, or basement.

GIS Navigation

Need data about a specific play or geographic region? We can build you a detailed, map-based web page with publicly available production data from the latest sources. Ask for a complimentary lunch and learn of ReservoirKB, our leading GIS-based knowledge base to get an idea of how you could use GIS within CompassKB.

Enterprise Wide

Have as many users as you can enroll. Support your unconventional efforts throughout your entire enterprise.

Personalized Data

Think CompassKB would be a great tool for storing company-specific data? We do too. We’re ready to customize CompassKB for your specific needs, however you see fit.

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