About KB Framework

Data, Information, and Document Management

  • Web-based access to information enables “anywhere, anytime” access to your data.
  • Extensible and flexible data connections grow dynamically via templates to include all of your data, structured and unstructured, now and in the future.
  • Data can be structured within databases or folder hierarchies, or it may be unstructured in multiple locations. The data connection templates allow rapid organization and re-organization over time.
  • Consolidation of all data sources and assurance of access to all relevant knowledge improves data re-use, reduces re-purchase of data, and increases confidence in the results.

Integration, Security, and Add-on Tools

  • Industry-standard .NET Web service architecture allows rapid addition of new web services and ensures future compatibility.
  • Full .NET security model guarantees not only the integrity of all the information being managed but also transparently manages authorization of end-users.

Built-in Knowledge Base Features

  • Full-text, database ("analog"), and map-based searches allow users to see all assets and data across the framework, including a multiple map/text/diagrammatic interface that provides multiple "views" of an area of interest.
  • The metadata catalog accesses any standard or unstructured data model, ensuring that no information is lost in transformation while maintaining all existing mappings. The catalog provides framework-wide visibility of and rapid search throughout all data stored in applications, databases, and data stores.

Built-in Visualization Features

  • Add-on viewers and services provide visualization of many types of information, including maps, databases, seismic data, well logs, reports, and documents.
  • Standard templates allow mixed tabular, graphical, and map-based displays of data, documents, information, and knowledge.

Advanced Process, Collaboration, and Workflow Features

  • Workflow, decision, and mind-map® support also allow the knowledge base to provide alerts, business rule application, process tracking, and technical analysis including key performance indicators.
  • Collaboration tools can also provide virtual workrooms, discussion groups, and community of excellence support.

Open Systems

  • Completely vendor-neutral design assures flexibility. KB Framework was developed to be totally compatible with all applications and databases. Its .NET architecture provides maximum interoperability as well as maximum future compatibility.
  • Industry-standard service-oriented architecture allows rapid addition of new services to provide new applications and displays

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