KB Framework

The platform for your next knowledge base.

RPS Knowledge Reservoir’s KB Framework provides a technical and organizational infrastructure that lets you find, manage, and use all of your existing data, information, and knowledge—structured or unstructured—fast. No need to re-organize your database or documents; simply use your existing data sources and map them seamlessly into a knowledge base using KB Framework.

KB Framework provides the essential core framework for the deployment of any knowledge management project by supplying the necessary visualization templates and Web services for deployment. Data can be presented in a completely customizable Web page format using text, tables, graphics, or geo-spatial map interfaces. More complex pages can be provided using .NET presentation add-ons.

Workflow, decision, and mind-map® support also provide the ability to include reasoning, flowchart, and guidance tools for structured knowledge delivery.

Why Do Clients Need KB Framework?

Because better access to knowledge means smarter decisions faster.

Like any large technical organization, you have a legacy of data, information, and knowledge that you’ve invested time and money in, and you need answers from it now. KB Framework helps you to get those answers on time by providing a way to process, organize, visualize, and move data from multiple sources. And it does so painlessly—without errors or loss of integrity—bringing it together in a single, secure, and completely customizable Web page view using a simple Web browser anytime, anywhere.

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